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Our attorneys and staff believe that too often clients in injury and death cases get the run around. Details such as coordinating insurance coverages are not handled by their attorney, the client's calls are not returned immediately, the full impact of the injury or death may not become understood, the processing of claims takes far too long, and the client may be unduly pressured to accept a settlement he or she does not want. At Drier & Dieter, we are COMMITTED to doing much better than that.


At Drier & Dieter, we intend to COMPREHENSIVELY handle the details involved in the aftermath of the injury or death. This is all part of the "contingent fee."  We intend to ALWAYS return your call within 48 hours and to meet with you as soon as possible. If necessary,  we will come to your home or hospital. We assign a paralegal or legal assistant to your case, and that person remains centrally involved, so that whenever you call, there is updated information immediately available, whether the attorney is in the office or not.  


We will not give you the run around, and we will act zealously to be sure that no one else does.

Marc Drier and Denise Deiter have over 50 years of combined experience handling injury and death claims. We are passionate about our advocacy. We have traveled to Erie County to pursue a claim against the Commonwealth, and this resulted in a favorable settlement. We have won a multi-million dollar settlement for an injured volunteer worker. We do not represent any insurance companies, and expect to have no resulting conflict of interest.

We intend to ALWAYS RETURN your call within 48 hours.


We act zealously for you!


We empathize with victims and their loved ones. Besides being passionately committed to providing prompt and excellent service, we intend to offer a "contingent" fee percentage LOWER than other area firms who represent the injured. We invite you to compare the fee arrangement offered by others to what we can offer, before you finally decide on representation. We believe you will be pleased with us.

We invite you to compare fees