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Types of Litigation

Marc Drier and Denise Dieter each enjoy litigating. Not every attorney does. We see ourselves as both guide and bodyguard; we try to keep our clients out of conflict through ongoing advice and representation, which might include attempts to negotiate through an obstacle, but if the conflict must be brought to a judge, jury, or other tribunal, then we see our job as being the most zealous, prepared and capable fighter possible.


We believe we can be fierce and yet still professional.


At Drier & Dieter, we also find it important to remember that we work for you. We can advise and predict outcomes, but it is the client who is entitled to decide what we do or do not do, what is acceptable to resolve the case amicably and what is not acceptable WE WILL NOT PRESSURE YOU INTO SETTLEMENT OR ABANDONMENT OF A CLAIM YOU SEE AS JUST, so long as it is an arguable claim.

- Criminal defense

- Contract disputes

- Land title disputes

- Bodily injury (negligence) claims

- Product liability claims

- Wrongful death

- Medical malpractice


- Legal malpractice

- Slander

- Libel

- Trademark infringement

- Land use appeals

- Orphans court litigation



- Government benefit claims

- Title insurance claims

- Special educational appeals

- Partition of land

- Specific enforcement of contracts

- PLCB enforcement defense

- Drivers license suspension issues


- Private Road Act actions

- Eminent domain proceedings

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- Divorce

- Custody

- Termination of parental rights

- Adoption

- Name change

- Civil rights violations

- Pharmacist malpractice


- IRS lien appeals

- Injunction requests

- Injunction defense

- Shareholder rights claims

- Right of way disputes

- Landlord tenant actions (residental and commercial)


- Collection of debts

- Traffic Citations


These are examples but not inclusive of all our areas of work: