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Denise Dieter and Marc Drier have over 60 years of combined family law experience. Marc Drier was appointed as one of only four "Family Court Masters" when the county used private practitioners to supplement the full-time county master. Attorney Dieter has succesfuly litigated and won in Commonwealth Court against local MH/ID Offices where her clients were being denied services.

At Drier & Dieter, we understand how very difficult any family law case can be. The legal system is not necessarily able to understand the full history that brings a matter to family court, whether it involves divorce, custody, support, property distribution, termination of rights, guardianship issues, special education or adoption.


It is our goal to gain a full understanding before moving forward and to be a true and compassionate advocate. We have a paralegal dedicated to our family law clients, so that someone, attorney, or paralegal, is available at all times to answer your questions or concerns, or to learn of developments.


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Elder Law

The office has been solicitor for the Lycoming and Clinton County Office of Aging for over 25 years. Attorney Dieter regularly handles guardianship cases for the Office of Aging as well as Protective Services where she can obtain emergency intervention through the courts 24 hours a day. In 2014, attorney Dieter was the first attorney in central Pensylvania to use a new law in Lycoming County called the Adult Protective Services Act. Her success resulted in her being hired by Temple University Law School to teach other lawyers, District Attorneys, and law enforcement about protecting the elderly.