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We will charge an hourly rate, not a flat percentage, to save you money

Drier & Dieter can assist you in all aspects of planning, from your Last Will and Testament that provides the manner in which your assets are distributed upon your death to establishing a trust, to Health Care Powers of Attorney with a Living Will and General Powers of Attorney (commonly referred to as "Financial Powers of Attorney.")


In addition we will assist your Executor or Administrator in the probate process.

Many law firms charge a percentage of gross assets, commonly 5%, to assist with the probate process. Our firm, however, believes it is our obligation to offer different payment options for our services. Unless otherwise requested, we will charge only an hourly rate for the services we provided. This way, we will not receive a "windfall" of fees for services we did not provide.


Our fee for wills, powers of attorney and other documents can be obtained upon inquiry. We trust you will find them to be surprisingly reasonable.

Reasonable rates for estate services.


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