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Business law, corporations, and LLCs

Personal attention

Ongoing advice and representation

Drier & Dieter offers a full range of business law services including:

- Start-up advice

- Creation of new entities

- Related help in obtaining necessary permits and licenses (including PLCB licenses,         Employer Identification Numbers (EIN), fictitious names and the like)

- Development of contracts for use in the business

- Ongoing advice and representation

- If necessary, formal or informal dissolutions

- Commercial Leases

- Collections

- Collections Defense

- Management of internal disputes

- Negotiation and/or drafting of business contracts

- Creation or modification of shareholder or member agreements

- Representation in court of other tribunals to prosecute or defend claims

- Guidance in cooperative resolution of internal

We are proud of the results of our established collections practice



Our clients include a number of multi-million dollar enterprises


All types of business entities

We assist in formation and we represent all types of business entities.

- Sole proprietorships

- Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

- Corporations (including subchapter S/close corporations)

- Partnerships (general, limited, and professional)

- Joint ventures

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